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With over 20 years specializing in manufacturing high quality industrial filtration products for our clients all over the world, we are together to make our globe cleaner and greener.
Sintered Metal Powder Filter Cartridge
CMI porous metal powder filters are in various types, sizes and materials for different applications.
Sintered Porous Coating Membrane Filter
CMI sintered porous coating membrane filter is a membrane filtration product with excellent filtration effect and high permeability.
Double Layer Sintered Porous Metal Filter
CMI double layer sintered porous metal filter have a two-layer structure by using a molding process with powders of different sizes.
Sintered Metal Powder Sheet and Discs
CMI sintered metal powder sheet and discs are in a wide range of materials and sizes to meet customers needs.
Sintered Metal Wire Mesh Filter
CMI sintered wire mesh filter is made from multiple layers of sintered wire mesh panels. Several layers of wire mesh are heated, pressed and bonded together by high temperature vacuum sintering, argon arc or plasma welding.
Porous Metal Cups
CMI manufactures porous metal cups in a broad range of materials, sizes, micron ratings to meet different applications.
Porous Metal Discs
CMI manufactures porous metal discs in a broad range of materials, sizes, micron ratings to meet different applications.
Porous Metal Sheets
CMI porous metal sheet can be produced to wide applications and specifications. Length, width, thickness, alloys and media grades can be adjusted to meet different filtration rate, flow rate, chemical compatibility.
Porous Metal Tubes
Professional in producing sintered metal powder filters and porous components.
Column Frits Filters
Column frits is a porous frit, which is widely used for column protection. It keeps the packing material in the column and provides a uniform flow of the sample through the column with low hold up volume.
Solvent Inlet Filters
Solvent inlet filter is used to protect critical instruments like diagnostic and analytical instruments, which can detect particles down to parts per trillion levels.
Pipette Filters
Suction puppet filter separate aerosol in the process of sample aspiration to avoid tracking portable pollution, thereby reducing the possibility of blood infectious pathogen leakage.
Vent Filters
Porous plastic filters are widely used as vent filter, which can protect the accurate instrument from wetting and heating. It makes the services life longer.
Self-Sealing Filters
CMI self-sealing filters are used in fluid collection canisters, which filter the air and protect the vacuum system lines from contaminants in the fluid contained within the collection canister.
Spherical Shape Sparger
CMI Spherical spargers are composed by three parts: sintered porous spherical part in titanium, solid titanium plate and thread connection.
Tube Shape Spargers
CMI Tube spargers are composed by three parts: sintered porous metal tube, solid metal plate and thread connection which are welded to the tube.