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Shanghai CMI Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, design, production and trade.
With its experienced technology in the field of sintered metal powder production and polymer materials production, it has now become the leading company in this field.
With the demand from customers, we expanded our products range to filter vessels, like different types of bag filters, cartridge filters, basket strainers, filter systems and so on.
Firstly founded in 1994, our facility is strictly designed acc. to GMP standard, with 11500 square meters workshops. We are certified by ISO 9001 to have good quality control and our products are exported to many countries like Germany, Finland, Italy and so on.
CMI offers customers wide range of sintered porous plastic products like porous PE tubes(filters), porous PTFE tubes(filters), porous filtration sheets, self sealing valve cartridges, and so on. It has currently researched and produced polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and other polymer micro porous products with various shapes and complete specifications, which can meet the requirements of different customers. Products are widely used in environmental protection, automobile, medical treatment, chemical engineering, water treatment and other industries such as water purification filter system, waste water treatment equipment, syrup and grease filter system, acid-proof slices for automobile battery, anti-explosion slices for industrial battery, blind plug for medical treatment, drunk driving tester, oil water separator and silencer.
CMI offers a wide range of sintered metal powder filters and sintered porous metal media, components. Our standard products include porous titanium filters (tubes), porous stainless steel filter (tubes), porous titanium spargers, sintered metal powder discs, sintered metal powder plate and so on. These products are available in temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel, monel, hastelloy and so on. Filtration ratings are from 0.1 to 200 microns. More than 20 years experiences in the sintered porous metal industry make us uniquely qualified in the production of sintered products, especially with Titanium sintered products, we are the leading manufacturer in China.
Besides sintered metal filters and porous PE filters, CMI have also standard filter vessels. It includes different types of bag filter vessels: single bag filters, mult-bag filters with different opening types; Cartridge vessels: single cartridge filters, multi-cartridge filters, sanitary filters; basket strainer and PP filters. The standard filters can be widely used in different applications with better cost compared with filtration systems. It provides customers more and easier choices.
CMI offers different types of filter cartridges. It includes high flow pleated cartridges, bag type cartridges which can install in bag filter housing directly, special long string wound cartridges, and membrane pleated cartridges, active carbon cartridges, and so on. Different products meet different customer requirements. What CMI can do is to provide customer good products with higher quality, reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is always our focus.

CMI products include various sintered metal powder products like: titanium sintered powder filters, titanium sintered powder spargers, stainless steel sintered powder filters, sintered metal powder discs & plates; polymer porous products: including porous polymer filters(tubes), porous polymer plates, mufflers & silencers, Vents, Nibs, ect.; Filter vessels like bag filters, cartridge filters, basket filters, self cleaning filters, self scrape filters, different types of cartridge and other relevant accessories.