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Self sealing filter
Self sealing filter
UHMW-PE self-sealing filters are used in fluid collection canisters.They are comprised of porous plastic containing a functional additive that immediately swells upon contact with fluids. Suction liner bags and suction liner bottles also need them.
Product Description

Self Sealing Filters:

Hospital central vacuum systems support many devices which are used in surgucal procedures. CMI Self sealing filters are designed to help maintain the integrity of these systems. Our self-sealing filters are used in fluid collection canisters, which filter the air and protect the vacuum system lines from contaminants in the fluid contained within the collection canister. They are comprised of porous plastic containing a functional additive that immediately sweels upon contact with fluids. The valve automatically and instantly shuts off airflow from the collection canister when collected fluids come in contact with the filter,thereby maintaining system integrity. The single-body design meets original equipment manufacturer(OEM) needs for high volume, single press-fit assembly. 

CMI UHMW-PE self-sealing filters are made of material with Mol. wt. bigger than 3 million.

Compared with normal PE, UHMW-PE is better in anti-acid anti-alkali, flexibility and so on, especially when temp. is lower than 80 deg C.


Pore-forming Principle:
Similar as metallurgy porous material, pore is formed by the bridges between each particle. It is labyrinth structure, several pores lay out a filtration pore size.


Working Principle:
Self-sealing filter acts like a valve: when fluid touches it, it shuts off and stops the flow immediately. The filter will be automatically self-sealed when soaking into fluid.

It is widely installed in suction liner bags, suction liner canister which are used in hospital to collect waste liquid from patient during surgical operations. The self-sealing filter can protect the vacuum systems in hospital and avoid cross pollution.

Material: UHMW-PE

Venting, Antimicrobial