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Self Scraping Filter
Self Scraping Filter
CMI automatic self scraping filter can remove the impurity particles on the filter element surface by mechanical scraping. It is an online filtration system with three different types: external scraping, internal scraping, vertical up and down scraping.
Product Description

CMI Automatic Self Scraping Filter

CMI automatic scraping filter can remove the impurity particles on the filter element surface by mechanical scraping; it is an online automatic filtration system. It is designed for fine and accurate filtration ranging from 50-500microns. The self-cleaning filter avoids extruding and breaking the impurities and can solve the filtration problem of liquid with viscosity up to 800000cps. CMI self scraping filter has three different types:

1, Motor-driven external scraping: Flow direction is from outside to inside and the scrape blade scrapes the outside surface of filter element. Usually this self scraping filter type is more suitable for big flow rate applications.

2, Motor-driven internal scraping: Flow direction is from inside to outside and the scrape blade scrape the inside surface of filter element. Usually this kind of self cleaning filter is designed for small flow rate but has more stable filtration applications.

3, Pneumatic driven internal scraping: flow is from inside to outside and scrape blade scraping direction is up and down from vertical side.

 The three types can meet different requirements from different applications. 




1 Inlet
2 Outlet
3 Drain
4 Motor driven
5 Collection chamber
6 Filter element
7 Scraping Blades

Working Procedure(Take motor driven external scraping for example):

The liquid enters the filter from the inlet(1), flows through the filter element(6) from outside to inside. The filter element bottom is connected to the outlet(2), through which the liquid flows out. After the filter element captures the impurities, the cleaning action is trigger by the preset time or differential pressure value. The gear motor(4) drives the scraping blades(7) to rotate and remove the impurities on the filter element outside surface. The impurities moves off along the blades and falls down to the filter bottom. The rotating plates push the gravity impurities into the collection chamber (5). The impurities are collected at the filter bottom and in the collection chamber. The discharging valve open per the preset time and discharging the waste liquid with high impurity concentration through the drain outlet(3), the purged liquid can be reclaimed if necessary.



  • Automatic 24-hour on-line filtration, no frequent changing out and cleaning
  • No disposable filter media consumption, save filter media cost and environment friendly
  • Stainless steel scraping blade, good impurity removing performance
  • Top quality V-SLOT filter element, accurate slots, extremely smooth, easy to scrap
  • Low pressure drop, stable flow rate, low energy consumption
  • Back-flushing function can be added to help clean the filter element
  • Close filtration, no dangerous liquid leakage, good for safe production
  • Various modular combination and automation modes available, meet different filtration needs
  • Equipped with world-famous gear motor, high reliability and long service life
  • Assistant lifting device , only one operator can open and close the filter cover


 V-SLOT Filter elements are used in the system:

  • Filtration ratings range from 50μm to 500 μm
  • Accurate slot width with deviation less than 5 μm 
  • 316L screen material , excellent corrosion resistance
  • V Shape slot, rarely clogged, long time stable flow rate
  • Smooth outside surface, very easy to scrape clean and very low abrasion of the scraping blades
  • Capable of filtration of difficult impurities like oil mud, soft particles, etc..
  • Special surface harden treatment, greatly increase the service life
  • Heavy duty structure, no slot deformation when pressure drop rising
  • Suffer the high pressure from both forward and reverse direction