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Self-sealing filter is a kind of porous plastic product which is made by UHMW-PE with special additibe. Air can go through the porous filter but when liquid contact with it, it swells up immediately and cut off the liquid flow. Its function is like a poro
Medical Sprayer Vent is a kind of porous plastic product which are installed in sprayer delivery devices. Our vents can be designed to promote preservative-free packaging while maintaining sterility of the pharmaceutical agent by incorporating antimicro
Inhaler Filters are used in metered dose inhalers to deliver measured amounts of pharmaceutical agents to patients via oral-bronchial administration. These porous plastic filters are optimized for pore size, airflow, and dimensional tolerances based on de
IV Catheter Vents are a kind of porous plastic products. It contains a functional additive that immediately swells upon contact with fluids, including blood. The self-sealing porous vents are assembled into IV catheter devices to protects healthcare worke
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