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Mercedes Benz Brazil Filter Skids are successfully finished
Author:        Date:11/5/2015 5:37:58 PM
Mercedes Benz is going to build up a new production line in Brazil. A lot of filters are needed in paint shop. 

With our strong ability and experience with other car manufacturers, CMI was awarded the order of filters. Since this project is already delayed, the whole skids will be manufactured and assembled here in short time instead of separate filters. 

And it is whole skids, we have to make sure nothing goes wrong. CMI technical team is busy in making both 2D and 3D detail drawings, which is even more detailed than production drawings.
Production workers also work late, even on weekend and public holiday to catch up the time.

With efforts of all our people, the project is successfully delivered.

Surely CMI bag filters, basket filters, filter bags, magnet bars, will work well at Mercedes Benz.
Customer satisfaction is always our target.