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Environmental & Society

 Our Vision and Value

"The Reliable Company" is the basic foundation of CMI Environmental. They should be well reflected throughout 

our organization and in every aspect of how we do our business, every day. Our vision is to be preferred partner 

for solutions in fluid process businesses. This is also to establish a value of trust. In any organizations, value is 

always essential to build trust: trust between our employees, trust between our partners, trust between CMI and 

society. All CMI people share a common value as: The Reliable Company 


Health, Safety and the Environmental (HSE)

CMI is always concerns on healthy, safety and the environmental. We believe all accidents can be avoided by full 

preparation and protection. This is not only the concern of CMI, but also to all our partners including our 

customers and suppliers.


Social Responsibility

Repay debt to society is what CMI always remembers. Love and Care is what we should do, not only to CMI 

employees, but also to some other parts that need. This is the sense of existing of an enterprise.