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Filters in Flue Gas Analysis and CEMS systems
Filters in CEMS(Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems):
1st Step: Gas Sampling

2nd Step: Gas conditioning and treatment


3rd Step: Measurement/Calibration 

Gas Sampling:
  The function of this part is to get sample gas and forward to 2nd step for treatment. During this part, it cannot block the brobes and cannot result condensation of moisture. So a filter with online back flushing should be equiped. 

The backflushing of this part: 

Filters to be used: 

1, Filter is used to ensure the stability of system and reduce the maintenance

2, Filtration Grade: usually 2 or 3 micron

3, Temp. is around 0-180 deg C

4, Back flushing gas is heated, impulse flushing

5, Filter Material: Titanium Sintered, SS316L Sintered, PTFE sintered, Ceramic Membrane and so on


2nd Step: Gas Treatment: The Coarse Filter and Liquid Particle Filters

Pls. find detail product information in Product Page: 

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